Bas Visser


About Bas

In 2019 Bas completed his Business Administration course at the university of Nijmegen. After his graduation, Bas started his professional career as an investment analyst at a local private equity firm mainly investing in SMEs (FB Oranjewoud Participaties). Within this firm Bas focused on supporting the M&A activities, quarterly reviews and an active role in several investments. After two instructive years Bas decided to further specialise in M&A at Marktlink Drachten.

Bas’ link with Marktlink

“The past two years I actively worked within a private Equity firm. During these years I learned that my passion is in the merger and acquisition activities. I’m energized by seeing opportunities within the market and translating those into growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. Therefore, I am delighted that at Martklink, I will now be able to actively help entrepreneurs in the process of buying and selling companies.”

A selection of Bas Visser's track record