Bart van der Krogt


About Bart

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in International Business & Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam, Bart chose to obtain his master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña in Barcelona. By creating opportunities for himself, he gained work experience with different companies at home and abroad. For example, Bart did an internship in Jakarta and did and did an internship at Heineken to complete his bachelor’s degree. Bart went on to specialise in Finance by completing a master’s degree and internship in the field of private equity.

Bart’s link with Marktlink

“Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I got to experience the mentality of entrepreneurship up close. During my work in private equity, I came into contact with Marktlink. What appeals to me about Marktlink is working for a growing, energetic and fresh company and the close cooperation with entrepreneurs of SMEs. Marktlink ensures that you are directly involved in the entire process of mergers and acquisitions, you interact a lot with colleagues and entrepreneurs. The combination of financial and commercial work, entrepreneurship and working in a driven team – that is what gives me energy!