Bart Jan Wobben


About Bart Jan

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Financial Services Management, Bart Jan worked in banking and insurance. Searching for a bigger challenge, he continued his studies and obtained a double degree master’s in Finance at the University of Groningen and Lund University in Sweden. During his master’s, Bart Jan got introduced to corporate mergers and acquisitions and it immediately became clear to him in which direction he wanted to continue his career. At the beginning of 2023, he joined Marktlink Drachten.

Bart Jan’s link with Marktlink

“During my semester in Sweden, I realised how attached I am to the north. Being born and raised in Friesland, this is where my roots lie. The fact that my interest lies in corporate mergers and acquisitions and that Marktlink Drachten is active in the region I grew up in makes us the ideal match for me. I look forward to guiding and paving the way for entrepreneurs in an exciting phase of their lives.”