Selling a company? For many entrepreneurs, the sale of a company is a once-in-a-lifetime event, with significant impact on one’s personal and professional life. Especially where it concerns passionate entrepreneurs in the vast international SME field. When you decide to sell your business, and you don’t know where to start, then the professional advice from Marktlink is the perfect fit for you. With our M&A advice and experience, you will get the best deal for you.

There could be several reasons that shape your decision to sell your company:

  1. You prefer being a pioneer over being a manager
  2. You’re looking for someone to continue your company 
  3. You’re looking to cash in the value of your company
  4. You want to free up equity by selling your company
  5. Retirement is looming on the horizon
  6. You want to start working less and focusing more on your family life 
  7. Have you ever thought: I want to sell my company to my children or members of your management team? 

Marktlink has developed several tests and tools that you can use to determine many things surrounding the subject of selling your company. For example an indicative value of your carefully constructed company or in what manner your company is something a private equity firm would be interested in purchasing.

Discover our tests and tools below:

Curious about the value of your company?

Do you want to find out what your company is worth? Use the Marktlink Multiple to find out! This unique tool is made by valuation experts with years and years of experience and updated with the latest market insights and figures every three months.

To the Marktlink Multiple

Selling your company?

Selling your company, we imagine it’s not something you do every day. The process requires meticulous and expert advice. Marktlink, with its over twenty years of experience and more than 1000 successful transactions, can provide you with that advice. Not just for the financial, legal and interpersonal aspects of a deal. But also as an initiator, guardian and guide during the often turbulent time in an entrepreneur’s life. Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions is there for you during the entire transaction process. We have seven offices spanning three countries, making us the international M&A specialist fit for you and your company.

Experienced in mergers & acquisitions 

Marktlink has completed more than 1000 M&A transactions on both sell-side and buy-side. Like no other we know all the nooks and crannies that come with the M&A process. We know the crucial elements that eventually make the M&A process a success. If you want to read more about Marktlink’s experience we recommend you read one or several of the case studies available on this website. Find them here.

Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions

Pre-exit strategy

For many years, the sale of companies usually happened because of succession issues. Owners of companies sold their businesses when it was time to retire. That is no longer the case. Founders, or owners, now sell shares in their companies to cash in. In the M&A world, this is called a pre-exit strategy. Owners sell part of their companies but do not resign. They stay committed to the company for an agreed-upon term to further build and expand the company with the help of the investment procured by selling the minority or majority share. After the agreed-upon term has passed, a full exit is made and 100% of the company is sold. 

Want to know more about this two-step selling strategy? Read it here.

The latest developments in M&A

The past two years we have seen a 100% increase in the percentage of entrepreneurs that is willing to sell their companies between now and two years. 70% of entrepreneurs even says right now is the best moment to sell. This confirms the hypothesis that the intention to sell increases when the economic forecasts are less positive. This was concluded in the annual market research of Marktlink, The Marktlink M&A Monitor.

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Want to sell your company? There are several steps you can take to better prepare you and your company for a possible sale.

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