The sale of your company is not something you will experience every day, and it is a decision that involves major aspects. It is no wonder you are looking for the best possible support for this process, and Marktlink can offer you this! Would you like to know why you should choose us? We have made a list of our biggest advantages here!

1. Active approach

At Marktlink, we take an active approach to selling your company. Together with you, we draw up a profile of the ideal buyer, and use it to actively enter the market. We look further than just those parties who have already indicated they are intending to purchase. What’s more, we actively approach potential buyers by calling them. This allows us to find out quickly if they are interested and if they are, we can move forward without delay. This approach usually yields the fastest desired result, and ensures you talk to parties about the sale of your company that you might not have thought of yourself.

2. Extensive network and experience

Our active approach also ensures that our network keeps expanding. Combine this with more than 25 years of experience, and you’ll understand why our success rate is high. We feel that deal experience and the creation of trust are the keys to success, and you’ll also find this in our acquisition specialists. Thanks to their expertise, you can rely on achieving the best deal.

3. Support throughout the entire sales process

We support you throughout the entire sales process: we are involved from start to finish. This allows you to concentrate on the main points and just deal with the day-to-day business of your company. You will work with a dedicated deal team right from the start, so that you can be sure the acquisition specialists involved are aware of every detail and know exactly what you are looking for.

4. Fixed price

Marktlink always works with a fixed price, split into segments of the process, with an additional success fee agreed in advance. The price for the entire process is determined in such a way that the majority of the cost is only paid after completion, while the majority of our efforts are during the process. This makes us a risk-sharing partner.

5. We stand beside you, the entrepreneur

At Marktlink, we feel it is important for you to work with a deal team that knows exactly what is involved in selling a company, both from a business aspect and on a personal level. Because trust plays an important role in the sale process, each deal has a dedicated deal team that is involved from start to finish. It means you know who to approach with questions, and you will always be sitting around the table with the same people. They know your company inside out, and will search for the best buyer of your company together with you. In our opinion, the relationship of trust between consultant and client is at its best when there is a good interpersonal rapport – it boosts the collaboration and ensures the best possible result.