The sale of a company is a choice that should be considered carefully. After all, the sale of your company is an event that you’re unlikely to experience often. You want it to go well, and we are here to help. Our entrepreneurial approach helps you to move through the process as smoothly as possible. We stand alongside the entrepreneur, and we know exactly what the possible reasons for selling a company could be.

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You want to be a pioneer, not a manager

Once your business grows, your role changes more and more – from entrepreneur to director. If this is not where your ambitions lie, the sale of your company could be the solution. The financial returns of a company sale can be used to establish a new company, or acquire an existing company. This so you can get on with what you love: entrepreneurship and pioneering. In this case, the sale is not the end, but a stepping stone to a new challenge.

(Partially) cashing in on your assets

A popular strategy in recent years is the pre-exit. The perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to sell, but are not quite ready to leave the company altogether. In a pre-exit, you and the buyer set up a new company and jointly purchase 100% of the shares. Generally speaking, the buyer then takes a majority stake of – for example – 70% of the shares. This allows you to immediately acquire new capital, and it also secures the future of your company. The average active involvement in your company lasts 4 to 8 years, after which you sell the last shares and say your goodbyes.

You want to retire

After years of business, you are looking forward to a well-earned retirement. You want to be sure that your company will be in good hands after you leave, and work with us to search for and find a suitable successor. It may be that the successor is already part of the company, or it may be that this successor has to be found externally. In both cases, you sell the company, and you can step back gradually or immediately.


The sale of your company could also be a strategic choice. An acquisition by a larger company might be the best choice to safeguard the future of your company. You can opt for direct acquisition of your company, but a pre-exit is an option too. This means you will definitely remain involved in your company.

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