If you’re thinking about purchasing a business, there’s a lot you need to consider. What are your options and how do you make a well-considered decision so you can reap the rewards for years to come? What’s the best strategy, and how can you ensure a smooth and efficient process? We’ll be happy to help you answer these questions and more.

Opportunities for purchasing a business

p>When purchasing a business, you can have an active role in running the organisation. Consider for example how you might use your expertise and experience to help shape its future and achieve success. It’s important to make the right decisions: do you want a full company takeover or a partial stake in the business?

Your personal situation and ambitions will determine your possibilities and how you go about investing in a company. If you choose to buy (a stake in) a business that you’re already currently a part of, this is called a Management Buy Out (MBO). An MBO therefore refers to a takeover from the inside. If you’re an external investor in (a stake of) a business, this is called a Management Buy In (MBI).

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Active guidance throughout the purchasing process

When it comes to purchasing a company, it’s crucial to have sufficient insights into the purchasing process and setting the right priorities. Financial, tax and legal issues can affect your priorities and evolve rapidly. Is the information from the seller correct, or is additional research needed? What about the company business valuation and financing? We can always offer an experienced consultant and advisor who knows what’s important and will be happy to actively help you with any issues.

The first step in the process is to take note of all your expertise and experience. What knowledge do you have about the sector that the company operates in, for example? And are there any specific issues where you would like extra support to ensure the process runs smoothly? You might want an overview, for example, of companies that match your profile and the capital you’ve accumulated. We can then approach any relevant parties to ultimately find the perfect match. This could be businesses that are already for sale or others that might be open to the idea. You can count on our support throughout the entire process.


We have facilitated takeover deals in a large number of sectors, so we understand many of the issues that can arise in each one. That’s why we always pair you with an advisor who has extensive knowledge of the sector you are working in. We’re also active in several countries, so we can even help you with your international ambitions.

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Purchasing a company with the leading M&A specialist

We’re happy to support and guide you through all aspects of the purchasing process. If you’d like us to write up the offer, for example, or you want professional support in the negotiations, then you’re in the right place. We ensure a higher success rate throughout the whole process, directing you towards the most favourable conditions and assisting you from start to finish. And of course we’re always available for any questions relating to the acquisition contract, shareholder and management agreements, and any other financial aspects. Contact us to find out more about your options.


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