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Successful broker firm with a worldwide network of vendors and growers

Products and services

From its inception, the company has been a broker firm for (mainly) perishable horticultural plant material. Currently the company sources these products globally and sells internationally through its own sales force and through its network of salesmen. The company has developed a strategy to find interesting and quality vendors that help growers to start with fresh, uniform and healthy material.


  • Broad higher-end product mix, distinctive and exclusive material.
    • The company has a broad item list of plants, covering all ornamental categories and has 30,000-40,000 line items in its database.
  • Extensive network of vendors and growers.
    • The company’s network, of both suppliers (200+) and customers (400+) has been established through many years of industry experience
  • Sales force with extensive product, process and market knowledge.
    • The company has several salesmen in Europe and the USA, who are responsible for a particular region. By expanding its network of agents the company can easily enter new markets.
  • Excellent logistics, especially for highly perishable items.
    • The company is extremely flexible in handling its shipments and looking at the costs related to these shipments.
  • Extremely low customer and supplier dependency
    • The company has a very diverse, unique and partially exclusive, large base of customers and suppliers.

Growth opportunities

  • Adding more products to the portfolio.
  • Expanding the markets the company is active in.
  • Extensive database including contacts to enter the USA market.


  • Turnover approx. $ 5 mln.
  • EBITDA approx. $ 680,000

Sales rationale

The current owner has developed the company into a professional, successful organisation and has reached an age in which, with a sense of satisfaction, he is willing to transfer his shares, tasks and responsibilities to (a) new enthusiastic owner(s), who can successfully continue the services of the company in the years to come.