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Highly specialised software developer and software provider with strong client base

General information

  • The Company is a specialist in developing and providing software that helps organisations maximise performance levels and efficiencies;
  • The in-house developed software is module-based and highly qualitative;
  • The Company has an outstanding market specialism in several industries;
  • The software is a total package, enabling companies of all sizes, both national and international, to realise significant cost savings;
  • In addition to the software, a full package of complementary services is offered to clients, amongst others: consultancy, hardware, service and training.




Investment rationale

  • Turnover is mostly recurring;
  • Significant SaaS share in the turnover;
  • Ample growth opportunities;
  • Strong client base;
  • Distinctive functionalities;
  • Capability to incorporate any kind of CLA internationally
  • Interfacing available with virtually all external software packages;
  • High level of compliance.

Sales rationale

  • The company has grown to a strong reliable and professional party in its field of work.
  • The owner, however, believes that growth can be accelerated further with the right partner whom can bring the company to the next level, has the adequate resources to accelerate international growth and is experienced in working with multinational clients.
  • With the right partner, resources and experience, the Company aims to:
    • Further improve operational excellence;
    • Fully shift to SaaS;
    • Further enhance its client base.