Frank van Rossum


About Frank

Frank started his Small Business and Retail Management studies because of his interest in entrepreneurship. After finishing his propaedeutic year, he started the Bachelor of Business Administration at Radboud University in Nijmegen. During this period he worked at the ABN AMRO bank for 3,5 years. Here he has held different positions in the area of financing and insurance. After his Bachelor’s, he followed a master’s in Economics at Radboud University, with a Corporate Finance and Control specialisation. During his master’s he worked as a Business Improvement Specialist at Numblees Online Administratie.

Frank’s link with Marktlink

“My interest in mergers and acquisitions started when I followed a course about M&A during my Bachelor’s. This translated into writing my bachelor thesis about ‘Culture and M&A’. This far-reaching interest in M&A led me to choose the master’s Corporate Finance and Control, which allowed me to immerse myself in the profession. Eventually, I also wrote my master’s thesis about ‘M&A and Industry Characteristics’. Out of my interest in M&A, I started to look into Marktlink and the industry. In my work at Numblees, I have come in contact with SME entrepreneurs and found out that working together with SME entrepreneurs and achieving results for the client gives me energy. Marktlink is the ideal employer to put my interests and goals into practice. Marktlink has not only been at the top of the League Tables for years and works mostly with SME entrepreneurs, but there is also a very good working atmosphere.