Fleur Stout


About Fleur

Fleur holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Her affinity with entrepreneurship led to her being a full-time chairman of an organisation celebrating their 100th anniversary after obtaining her bachelor’s degree from 2015 – 2016. Together with five other directors, she led 21 teams and was responsible for the acquisition and cooperation with various parties (companies, police, municipality and fire brigade).

A logical step was therefore to take a Master’s degree in Corporate Law. Her interest in corporate acquisitions grew during her Master’s course when she followed a Mergers and Acquisitions Master Class at a law firm for three months. After her graduation she did two more M&A internships in the legal profession and participated in a five-day M&A business course in Toronto.

As of 2018 she worked as Legal Project Manager at a company that guides and advises entrepreneurs in ‘making their business ready for sale’, before moving to Marktlink as a lawyer in June 2019.

Fleur’s link with Marktlink

“I come from an entrepreneurial family. Working for an independent specialised mergers and acquisitions office, in which the (legal) guidance and advice of the entrepreneur is central, I think it’s fantastic! In addition, I am surrounded by enthusiastic, ambitious and hardworking colleagues with  passion and expertise for the profession. As a result, I am continuously challenged to achieve the best result and develop into a specialist in mergers and acquisitions.”