Arne Pastoors


About Arne

Arne Pastoors studied at the Hoge Hotelschool in Maastricht and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After his graduation he started working at Marktlink as an M&A Consultant. Over the past ten years Arne has assisted numerous M&A transactions all over the world at Ernst & Young Germany and as Head of M&A at Flixbus. Arne is fully trilingual (Dutch, German, English) and has a lot of experience with cross-border transactions around the world.

Arne’s link with Marktlink

“My history with Marktlink goes back to the beginning of my career, where I took the first steps in my life as a dealmaker at Marktlink. After my career has led me past several consulting firms and SME’s in the Netherlands and Germany, it is now time to come “home”. Since my earlier days at Marktlink I have always maintained a strong bond with SMEs and I am looking forward to helping German and Dutch entrepreneurs to fulfil their buying and selling ambitions”.

Een greep uit Arne Pastoors's trackrecord

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Wenneker Group breidt uit naar Zweden met Bsmart