Growing a business through a buy-and-build strategy

There is a rising trend in companies using buy-and-build strategies to grow. Marktlink frequently assists entrepreneurs who follow this strategy and buy businesses to achieve their ambitions faster. Buy-and-build is based on a future cooperation that will benefit all parties concerned. However, there are some things you need to take into account.

What does buy-and-build mean?

If you decide to acquire one or more companies to expand your own business, you are in fact carrying out a buy-and-build strategy. For you as an acquiring entrepreneur, this is a way to reach out to new customers for example, tap into new sectors or to incorporate specific expertise. Ideally, a buy-and-build process results in a stronger, more versatile and more profitable business. Usually, it complements the existing service and product range as well.

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When is buy-and-build an interesting option?

Why would a company want to develop new expertise itself, when it can get there by means of an acquisition? A buy-and-build process will help you accelerate growth and, in many cases, save costs as well. We advise you to consider buy-and-build if your company has a scalable business model, is active in a fragmented sector and has outgrown the start-up stage. We will be happy to use our experience from similar transactions to roll out the most appropriate buy-and-build strategy for you.

How to carry out a successful buy-and-build strategy

A successful buy-and-build process requires a clear vision and strategy, setting out in detail how such a process will lead your company to success, step by step. Our deal team will gladly take your entrepreneurial ambitions to great hights. Together, we will set the course, and you can count on us to proactively explore our own extensive network for suitable targets. Because, obviously, an important external factor is the availability of acquisition targets in the sector in question.

Your partner for your buy-and-build process

Marktlink recognises the rising interest in growth and expansion by means of a buy-and-build strategy in the many transactions we advised in. Since our offices are located throughout the Netherlands and Europe, we have a great deal of local market knowledge. Should you decide to grant us your buy-and-build mandate, we will form one single team. We will help you to set the right course to achieve your personal goals. From the first cup of coffee in our first meeting up to the champaign upon transfer of the shares, we will always be approachable and available.

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Are you considering a buy-and-build strategy to grow your business? You have come to the right place. We work with a fixed fee, so you know exactly what to expect and will not be faced with unexpected invoices. As we put a lot of time into mapping the market, we always come up with candidates you might not have considered yourself. By approaching these companies personally, not in the context of an M&A process, we make sure it is just you and the business you are interested in. Not only does that positively affect the price, you also get the benefit of having more time to get to know the company.

Our young and experienced specialists are all involved and value a personal approach. That is what we set great store by and will engage to help you realise your growth ambitions. Do you want to find out what Marktlink can do for you? Feel free to contact us, free of charge and without obligation.

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