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Wholesaler with a combination of B2B and B2C activities is looking for a partner



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Transaction rationale

The B2B owners are looking for a 100% exit while the B2C entrepreneur is willing to stay on after the transaction. The B2B entity is led by a strong COO (has no shares) who will stay on after the transaction. The real estate is owned by the seller and can be part of the transaction if this is preferred by the buyer.


  • Wholesaler with a broad product range.
  • Primary product groups are Household items (40%), Games and toys (29%), Seasonal products (12%) and Home deco (11%).
  • Primary B2B customer groups are large warehouses, chain stores, specialist stores and webshops with and without own stock.
  • B2C sales are made through a separate label. Orders are executed via drop shipments directly from the B2B warehouse.

Growth opportunities

  1. Internationalisation – further expanding both B2C and B2B sales by opening webshops abroad. The B2C channel can also further utilise platforms, such as Amazon, to further increase growth in Europe.
  2. Online marketing – because most sales is generated through online platforms, sales can be increased if the company implements an online marketing strategy.
  3. Buy-and-build – adding other wholesales and webshops to the company would be a way to rapidly expand the product portfolio and acquire new customers.
  4. Expand product portfolio – by actively engaging with importers of well-known brands, the company will be able to organically expand its product portfolio.

Organisation and location

  • 20 – 40 employees.
  • Based in the Netherlands.
  • Strong second management layer able to run day-to day operations.

Investment considerations

  1. Well-automated: low margins of error, efficient process and reliable management information
  2. Price differentiation: able to differentiate prices between different customer
  3. B2C channel: separate B2C entity to serve end consumers directly
  4. Large stock: able to smoothen shocks in the supply chain for customers
  5. Strong financial performance: Solid financial track record
  6. Up-to-date collection: continuously updated collection of well-known brands
  7. Efficient logistics: low stock overflow, low margins of errors and fast shipping
  8. High level of service: strong customer service, good return policies and aftersales
  9. Established name: well-known brand both locally and within the market

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