Supplier of building materials




1 - 10

5 - 10 mln


B2B, B2C

Project Commerce (code name) is a Dutch trading company focused on supplying building materials to the B2B and B2C market in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Business activities

With a strong and growing online presence, Project Commerce positions itself distinctly in the market and ensures that the company is easily found by (potential) customers. Efficient business processes, combined with a strong coordination of the internal organisation, enables Project Commerce to generate the current level of turnover with about five employees.

Investment considerations

  1. Solid margins

    The efficient structuring of the organisation, combined with a strong purchasing position ensures solid and sustainable margins.

  2. Ready for further growth

    Solid foundation for continued growth, thanks in part to substantial investments in the online position and web shop.

  3. Unique product portfolio of building materials

    Project Commerce focuses on selling the unique combination of building materials that generate relatively high margins.

Transaction rationale

The proposed transaction involves the sale of 100% of the shares.

The current shareholder will ensure a thorough transfer of the business during a transfer period to be agreed upon.

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