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10 - 50

< 5 mln



Since its founding, the company has always focused on e-commerce, providing customers with its great knowledge and experience. Over the past few years, the owners have made the business less dependent on themselves and installed a management team to run the company’s daily operations. After years of steady growth, the company is now ready for the next step.

Business activities

The company offers digital marketing services to renowned e-commerce companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company has built a solid customer base and has a great deal of expertise to bring its customers’ e-commerce proposition to the next level.

Investment considerations

  1. Reoccurring revenue: 95% of total revenue is reoccurring. Most customers sign up for a fixed number of hours per month. The churn rate is very low.

  2. Highly qualified employees: The company mainly employs people between the ages of 25 and 40 with a good education. Making it a flexible and efficient organisation.

  3. High-quality service portfolio: Very strong player within its offered service range. Currently, the company faces a very high demand for its services.

  4. E-commerce expert: Leading specialist in e-commerce. The customer base consists of many renowned (Twinkle 100) e-commerce companies that have been customers for many years.

  5. Strong self-managing organisation: The owners are not active in the company’s daily operations. A strong COO is in place. Employees can work independently.

Transaction rationale

The owners wish to sell the company to a partner that can integrate the company’s personnel and services or expand the business organically. The COO is open to committing himself by obtaining shares in the company. The current owners prefer a full exit after a transition period. The real estate is leased externally and is therefore not part of the transaction.

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