Scalable high-tech PCB production and assembly company




50 - 100

20 - 50 mln



The company was acquired by the two current shareholders (50%/50%) in 2009, and is headquartered in the Eindhoven region. With only 50 employees, the company generates a turnover of approximately €23m. Its strong growth stems from managing the business in a lean and mean way. Based on its order outlook, the company’s growth is expected to outperform the market in 2023. 

Business activities

This company is a full-service provider and offers a wide range of services from engineering and design to complete PCB and system assembly. 

Investment considerations

The current ambitious management is looking for a strong financial partner to take the company to the next phase, so the company can accelerate growth, further professionalise and expand. 

Transaction rationale

The two shareholders, both holding a 50% equity stake, are willing to sell a majority interest. 

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