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A unique boutique firm specialised in Artificial Intelligence based pricing solutions with a solid and
proven business model that is highly scalable and offers many powerful advantages:

  • The Company provides its customers with distinctive and easy-to-implement services and
    solutionsthat enhance profitability and have immediate value impact.
  • Proven and scalable business model (products, consultancy and services).
  • Top Tier Strategy Consultancy with state of art AI and Dynamic Pricing Engines as key domain.
  • Outstanding specialisation in several verticals with accompanying and highly valuable IP.
  • Innovation driven and highly qualified personnel.

Investment opportunities

  • Solutions are offered by means of a subscription based model, creating recurring
    revenues that are increasing yearly.
  • The company is a “Blue Ocean Strategy” company, meaning that it has the ability to
    systematically create and capture new markets mainly due to the company’s high
    innovation level and expertise in Industrial Dynamic Pricing.
  • Extremely promising and innovative product pipeline with products in development that
    will open up large new markets

Partnership rationale

  • Company is profitable and grown steadily over the years and management believes growth
    can be accelerated exponentially.
  • The high level of standardisation (following ISO 20071 i.a.) and distinctive expertise have
    primed the company for further growth.
  • Management is seeking investors to exploit the current momentum by implementing
    worldwide scalability and a buy-and-build strategy.