Investment opportunity: secondment of IT professionals in a strong growing market


Business Services


10 - 50

5 - 10 mln



The company specialises in the secondment of IT professionals in a market where further growth is expected in the coming years. 

Business activities

The professionals have a graduate degree and have at least five years of relevant work experience in the IT sector. The professionals are placed on the basis of secondment (>95%) and secondment to permanent employment (<5%). The company employs experienced international recruiters, gaining access to a global talent pool.

Investment considerations

International network: The company has a wide network consisting of highly experienced, international recruiters and has access to an infinite talent pool.

Seamless onboarding: Both clients and professionals consciously choose this company for its ability to take the entire onboarding process out of their hands.

Professionals: The company manages to retain professionals through joint events, community management, a training programme and good terms of employment, among other things.

Quality and fast delivery: The company is able to deliver university-trained professionals on short notice. This is due to efficient processes (accelerated immigration process) and a high level of automation.

Transaction rationale

The shareholders have drawn up an ambitious organic growth plan and wish to accelerate this growth by rolling out a targeted buy-and-build strategy together with an investor/partner. Preferably, through the creation of a NewCo, a significant minority stake is acquired by the investor. A majority stake is negotiable and will depend on the party and deal structure.

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