Frozen food logistics provider


Transport & Logistics


100 - 500

20 - 50 mln



The company is the leading logistics partner in the frozen food industry in the Benelux region, with more than 20,000 pallets. With over 150 employees, the company operates as a full-package service provider for a large customer base. As a full-service provider, the company offers container handling, transport, storage, order picking, packaging, data management and stock control. A customer can choose which services to use.

The current, ambitious management strives to take the company to the next phase, to enable it to professionalise and expand.

Transaction rationale

The company is currently owned by two shareholders, both with 50% of the shares. One of the shareholders wishes to step back, whereas the other one is eager to start realising ambitious future plans with a strong partner. The future share interest of this shareholder is open for discussion and could vary from 0% to 49%.

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