Distinctive and healthy construction company for commercial real estate is looking for a partner to enter the next phase of growth.




10 - 50

20 - 50 mln


Due to its unique approach, excellent brand awareness and high quality, the company distinguishes itself in the market. This results in good margins and a well-filled order pipeline with ample growth opportunities.

The company has approximately 40 – 50 employees, with a latest estimate EBITDA of €2 million in 2022.

Business activities

Unique stand-alone acquisition proposition of a company active in the construction of commercial real estate in the south of the Netherlands.

Investment considerations

1. Unique stand-alone acquisition proposition

2. Service expansion opportunities

3. Experienced and loyal employee base

4. Solid sales strategy

5. Sustainable supplier relationships

6. Excellent reputation in the market

7. Geographical growth opportunities

8. Outstanding customer experience

Transaction rationale

The Company is at a point where further business expansion is required. Management is therefore looking for a partner to enter the next phase of growth. Additionally, management believes that many synergy opportunities can be achieved.

This opportunity might be interesting for: 1) regular construction companies, 2) steel construction companies, 3) financial investors.

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