Data-driven wholesaler of hydraulic products




10 - 50

< 5 mln



The entrepreneur has developed the company into a market-leading B2B wholesaler of hydraulic products. The company sells its products both through online and offline channels with a robust infrastructure to handle a high volume of orders. It is a leader in the areas of data-driven order picking and processing, and a partner could maximise this capacity by increasing marketing efforts and targeting new customers.

Business activities

The company supplies the full range of hydraulic parts required for the operation of specific heavy machinery, with its technical expertise as one of its key strengths. The company’s team of experienced engineers can provide advice and support to customers on the selection, installation, and maintenance of hydraulic products.

Investment considerations

Data-driven business processes: The company adopted multiple software systems in recent years, which has led to fast-flowing operations with minimal error margins.

Technical expertise: With over two decades of experience selling hydraulic parts, the company provides excellent assistance to its customers.

Scalable concept: The company’s warehouse has an automated order intake system and offers plenty of storage space for further growth.

Transaction rationale

Looking to expand into foreign markets, the current owner believes that a strategic partner could bring valuable benefits to the company and help replicate their domestic success.

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