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10 - 50

10 - 20 mln



The company is a renowned regional staffing agency characterised by a high level of service, with its success mainly thanks to its long-standing partnerships with SME customers in various industries. 

Business activities

The company is active in staffing and also does recruitment and selection. Its customers mainly operate in the manufacturing, construction and finishing and logistics industries. To these customers, it mainly supplies temporary blue-collar employees but also places administrative staff with the same customers.

Investment considerations

1. Renowned brand: the company has high visibility in the region.

2. Long-term partnerships: the company has long-term relationships with customers.

3. Independent teamthere is a strong and independent team in place, with low dependence on management.

4. Full-servicethe services offered are fully customised to the customer’s requirements.

5. Years of experiencethe company has been operating in various industries of the market for over 15 years.

Transaction rationale

Over the years, a strong company has been built, with a professional and independent team. As a result, dependence on the entrepreneur has gradually decreased. The entrepreneur is looking for a partner, that will acquire a large majority (or 100%) of the shares, and can take the company to the next phase by exploiting the growth opportunities.

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