Experience shows that the complex nature of mergers and acquisitions requires both the deal-making expertise of M&A boutiques and specialised skills of an accounting or law firm (for example for an independent due diligence). This creates a win-win situation for GGI members from the mentioned fields, providing them with distinctive but complementary roles throughout the process. For this reason, GGI wants to stimulate members to become more involved in the M&A Practice Group and contemplate forming cross-border M&A teams with fellow members. The strategy’s short-term goal involves underlining the importance of the M&A Practice Group for all GGI members and clearly conveying its objectives, namely: 

• Increase business / professional knowledge between members
• Increase awareness of members’ expertise
• Provide a valuable network of specialist advisors for clients
• Increase business referrals between members
• Encourage cross-border activity and joint projects between members

In order for GGI to achieve its goals, the Group’s efforts will focus on attracting new members, encouraging active participation during events and sharing knowledge and expertise. The main marketing and knowledge-sharing tool will be the M&A Practice Group website, which will serve as a platform to gather and exchange relevant information about M&A. Additionally, it will provide members with the opportunity to present their companies and relevant M&A experience, both to fellow members and (potential) clients. The Practice Group has already had two meetings this year, in Miami and Cannes, during which the new plans were discussed. GGI is proud to say that the updated strategy received positive response and it has been reported that the increased networking within the Group has already resulted in several new international assignments. The Practice Group events are aimed at sharing knowledge and discussing best practices. If you are engaged in the field of M&A or wish to get involved, you are kindly invited to attend our next meeting in Rome on 19 October. The Practice Group Meeting is combined with the annual GGI World Conference and your involvement via discussion is highly appreciated. Throughout the day, members will be provided with the opportunity to submit their company details and M&A sample cases, which will be presented on the website. Participants will also have the opportunity to view the brand new website, which is scheduled to be launched towards the end of October.

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