Amsterdam, 19 July 2022 – Welt’s new Venture Capital fund raised over EUR 35 million in its first close this week. The fund was set up with a dual mission: making Venture Capital accessible to private investors and contributing to the next generation of European start-ups and unicorns.  In its first close, half of the EUR 75 million fund target has been raised, from a group of tech entrepreneurs and private individuals. The final close is expected to take place after summer, six months sooner than projected.

Welt is a ‘fund-of-funds’ and invests in meticulously selected top Venture Capital funds, resulting in a well-spread portfolio of investments in over 300 European start-ups and future unicorns. As a result, high returns can be achieved, at a considerably lower risk, due to the broad diversification over multiple companies. In general, investing in top Venture Capital funds is accessible to large institutional investors only. Welt opens these funds to private individuals.

Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, who promotes the Dutch start-up ecosystem on behalf of Techleap: “The European investment market is three times smaller than in America. As a consequence, our businesses do not grow fast enough and find it hard to compete internationally. It is essential for Europe to become more technologically competitive and independent. We can contribute ourselves by investing more in promising start-ups.”

During the past 15 years, the returns of Venture Capital funds were particularly attractive, driven by the breakthrough of new technologies and continuous disruption of a large number of industries. The high returns are primarily accounted for by several top funds that have consistently shown strong results. Welt focuses on this type of top funds, that have been around for a longer period of time, with a solid track record.

Bouke Marsman of Welt: “Now is an interesting time to invest in Venture Capital, since the correction of tech shares is taking place in the private markets as well. In the process, the distinction between promising and less promising start-ups and scale-ups is becoming clearer. This presents opportunities for the top Venture Capital funds in particular. Thanks to their track record and experience, it is easier for them to invest in the unicorns of the future. This is reflected in the returns. Historically, funds started during or immediately after crisis years (for example 2001 and 2009) have shown very strong results.”

Welt is an initiative of Marktlink Investment Partners and is managed by Bouke Marsman and Jaap Vriesendorp. Previously, Bouke and Jaap were responsible for McKinsey’s start-up and Venture Capital practice in Europe. They have a strong network in the world of fast growing tech companies and worked with many top funds. Bouke and Jaap are supported by a team of Venture Partners and advisors who play an important role in the tech market.

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