If you have decided to sell your company, chances are that a private equity party shows interest. This option is interesting for you when there’s a lack of succession, a shortage of growth capital or when you want guidance with cross-border growth ambitions. There are certain benefits to selling to a private equity investor; we are happy to list them for you.

Despite the increasing interest of investment companies in SMEs, private equity’s image is not always a positive one. Wrongly so, if you ask us; this image is often based on negative incidents featured in the media. In reality, the people behind private equity firms are – like the people on the other side of the table – just entrepreneurs doing their jobs. A successful deal depends on a mutual fit and that is equally true in this situation.

Achieving growth ambitions

Selling your company to private equity has several benefits for you as an entrepreneur. The financial injection makes it possible for you to faster achieve your growth ambitions. Quite often, it also affects the expansion of the range of services and geological coverage. Your own wishes and ambitions are leading when deciding to sell your company to private equity.

Do you want to know whether private equity is a suitable option for you?

Feel free to contact one of our advisers. Our database contains the contact information of all prominent European investment parties. It is important to us to offer you the room and the freedom to achieve your ambitions. A personal approach is paramount to us. You can count on Marktlink for professional guidance, always independent and from an entrepreneurial mindset.