24 January 2020

Marktlink ranks first in Dutch 2019 league tables

The league tables are a ranking of corporate finance advisors based on the number of successfully closed transactions and their accompanying deal value. The list is published quarterly by the Dutch M&A platform MenA.nl. With 41 successfully closed and publicized transactions in 2019 Marktlink once again tops the ranking, just like the second and third quarter of the year. A wonderful crown on top of a successful M&A year.

We look back on 2019 with satisfaction, and full of enthusiasm to the new year where we can advise even more passionate entrepreneurs in buying and selling businesses. “Due to the hesitant in Q3-19, we saw deals move on to the next quarter. From Q4-19 onwards, we have seen the supply rise sharply. That combined with a structurally high demand we expect an all-time high number of deals in 2020,” says Tom Beltman, one of the managing partners of Marktlink.

Our deal teams assist entrepreneurs with the purchase or sale of companies on a daily basis. Of course, we continue to do this in the same high-quality way. For example, in 2019 we expanded our team of M&A professionals with almost 25 new acquisitions, and our international footprint has also increased with the start of deal teams in Belgium and Germany. Would you like to know more about what Marktlink can do for you in terms of advice on mergers, acquisitions, financing, MBI, MBO, and more? Feel free to contact one of our professionals.