Supporting international growth
Marktlink was founded over 20 years ago and has completed over 500 transactions with a deal value between 5 and 250 million euros in the Dutch mid-market. With an average of 60 transactions per year, Marktlink is the leading M&A consultancy specialist in the Netherlands.
Marktlink foresees an increase in the number of international transactions on an annual basis. The new office in Antwerp has to cover Marktlink’s international growth. Tom Beltman, a partner at Marktlink: “The Belgian office responds to the increasing demand for a local M&A specialist that has both the knowledge and an extensive network in the Netherlands and Belgium.”
Marketing and events
Opening a Belgian office is the next step in Marktlink’s strategy. “More Belgian entrepreneurs will start selling their companies in response to the quickly evolving markets and a rise in difficulties around successions,” explains Mariën. “Acquisitions are pretty comparable in both Dutch and Belgian markets. However, we see differences in the cultural field. By combining our experience, knowledge and network we see plenty of opportunities to match relevant buyers and sellers. Marktlink wants to make entrepreneurs more familiar with the acquisition issue, so there will also be a lot of investment in marketing and events.”
New partner
Brand new partner Filip Mariën will grow the M&A activities of Marktlink Belgium out of Antwerp together with a team of M&A-specialists. Mariën has over 14 years of acquisition experience; he used to be M&A director at one of the ‘Big 4’ (the biggest accounting and advisory firms in the world) and has a strong connection with entrepreneurs in the Belgian SME-field. In addition, Mariën also has extensive experience with international transactions.
“I consider the introduction of Marktlink Belgium as a great opportunity,” says Mariën. “We want to advise entrepreneurs in an independent and skilful manner. Marktlink will supply answers to all the questions and challenges concerning succession and the sale of companies. Our ambition is to grow to a team of 15 M&A-professionals in Antwerp.”

Would you like to know more about Marktlink Belgium and the plans for 2019? Please contact Filip Mariën via