Each quarter the Dutch M&A-community website MenA.nl publishes a ranking of M&A firms, the league tables. These tables are made up of a list of corporate finance advisers and the number of deals, and their accompanying deal value, they advised on.
Last quarter Marktlink topped this list based on deal volume, and they did so again for the third quarter of 2019. With 28 closed deals we are able to publish on, Marktlink leads the list with a significant difference between the company and the next one on the list. 
Our professional deal teams advise entrepreneurs on a daily basis. We will continue to do so during the last quarter of the year and long beyond. To do so, we’ve added over 20 new professionals to ours teams and have enlarged our European footprint by launching deal teams in Belgium and Germany. 
Do you want to know more about what Marktlink can do for you and your company in regards to advisory concerning mergers, acquisitions, financing, management buy-in, management buy-out and beyond? Contact our professionals and find out!