Entrepreneurship runs in your and our blood, and that means there are always challenges. What if there is no next generation in the family business, as in Etb Cas Sombroek? Or if daughter Leonie Petersen Metaalbescherming is willing to take over the business from her father Henk, but does not want to do it all by herself? And then there are entrepreneurs who want to acquire businesses to be able to grow, as the owners of Europe@Work B.V. did.

This is just a selection of the numerous deal files in the 15th edition of the Marktlink Magazine. At Marktlink, there are great challenges galore: in our magazine, we keep you abreast of the success of M-Ready, Marktlink Investment Partners and Welt Ventures. Our HR colleagues afford you a glance at the process towards substantial growth in Europe, we introduce Jonathon Parkinson, managing partner of our latest new office in Manchester. Luc Keltjens and Koen Rutten talk about their path from consultant to partner at Marktlink and of course, we have included our sector vision.

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