With a total of 36 closed and published deals in 2020, the name Marktlink is once again at the top of the M&A Community‘s League Tables. We can look back on an unusual, turbulent but great 2020. Despite the corona crisis, the market kept moving ahead.

Tim van der Meer: “Marktlink can look back on an unprecedented record year. More European entrepreneurs than ever are toying with the idea of ​​selling their businesses or accelerated (international) growth with external capital. At the same time, company valuations are attractive, partly due to the amount of equity in the market. Therefore, we expect a strong 2021.”

The League Tables are a ranking of corporate finance advisors based on the number of transactions concluded and the accumulated corresponding deal value. The corresponding deal values ​​are mostly confidential and are published in a range of 5-100 million. Deals under 5 million, which we are also very proud of, are not included in the League Tables.

On a daily basis, our deal teams assist entrepreneurs in the acquisition or sale of companies. We will of course continue to do so as before. Would you like to know what Marktlink can do for you in the field of advice on mergers, acquisitions, financing, MBI, MBO, and more? Feel free to contact one of our professionals.