“Working together with Nearshoring Partners founders has been an incredibly inspiring experience. The company has a fantastic foundation for growth – a professional team and workflows that always focus on long term relations. We will continue to do what they have been doing, adding to the formula our great team doing a great job, international company character, clients from all over the world and our expertise in Java and .Net languages. Furthermore, our will to adjust to the client’s expectations and limitations gives us a deciding market advantage” Maciej Krajewski, Nearshoring Partners & Yameo CEO, said.

Founded by Ad Rietberg and Jacek Sałek in 2005 in the Netherlands and Poland, Nearshoring Partners has risen to become a strong player in the field of outsourcing IT solutions, well-known for their video communication products and tailor-made software. It boasts an impressive portfolio, having created back-end solutions responsible for processing claims in nation-wide systems, revolutionary financial blockchain systems for online and offline money spending and video solutions on the B2C market in the financial and insurance sector.

Now, the founders have decided it was time to move onto other projects, but not before ensuring their company is in good hands. Rietberg and Sałek will support the new owners as advisory board members and will maintain close contact with existing customers.
“Over 14 years we have created a high-quality, financially-sound software house with a stable base of customers. Now is the time to take the next step in growth and technological innovation by handing over daily operational management to people who have proven themselves in business with solid operational and technological insight ” Jacek Sałek, former CEO, said.

“These gentlemen have been closely involved in the transition of the organisation and know the company like no other. Together with their experience and knowledge of Bexon Capital, they can further expand the company in a professional way” Ad Rietberg, former CEO, said.
Krajewski strongly believes the introduction of innovative IT solutions changes the way people act.

“This philosophy is written in the company DNA and it would be foolish not to continue with that. I think this is something that distinguishes us on the market and is especially true if we want to change the way we currently operate” Krajewski said.

Transitioning to scaling up, Nearshoring Partners and Yameo have both adopted a closer working relationship with their customers in order to better understand their needs. Three years ago, Nearshoring Partners created a dedicated team to work on video technologies.
“That was a great move. Working together with Vidyo and Genesys, we were able to deliver high-end quality products that introduced an innovative way of communication in a B2C service.” Jakub Czechowski, Nearshoring Partners & Yameo COO, said.

Yameo successfully launched its video product that, among others, supported DEKRA with remote claim management in Europe. Focusing on the financial sector, Yameo acquired as clients Volksbank in Germany and Raiffeisen Bank in Poland, improving their communication through video interaction, remote identification and document exchange.

Remon Lustenhouwer, Partner at Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions, advised Rietberg and Salek during the transaction. Lustenhouwer: “Due to the international character of the organization and the spread of its high-quality customer base, Nearshoring Partners and Yameo have great opportunities to further expand their product range and supporting the digitizing needs of banks and insurance companies. Therefore multiple investors were interested in this company, however, Bexon Capital was understanding the cultural differences the best.”

Marktlink advised Nearshoring Partners on the sell-side of this transaction. Part of the dedicated deal team for this transaction were Remon Lustenhouwer, Tobie van der Leeden and M&A lawyer Paul Schoenmakers.