That’s what the Dutch lack sometimes, that commitment. Time, limited investment possibilities, not wanting to take on the extra risk or just swallowed by the day to day operational flow. Last week I was in Dubai with my two sons. What a crazy place that is. A dream world that doesn’t seem real, but in fact really is there. Everything in Dubai is larger, more beautiful, more expensive than we consider normal. Quite the special experience.

Plans for the future

The discovery of oil was extremely prosperous for the country, of course. But from day one they had the knowledge that someday that well would dry up. This brought on a dilemma. They concocted a plan to build one of the most special cities in the world. The city should have an enormous attractive power in both business and tourism. The dream they once had and drew out in futuristic sketches has by now been realised in large parts.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum once said: “The word impossible is not in the leader’s dictionaries. No matter how big the challenge, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.” Thus, the impossible has been made possible in Dubai. A dream for the future is having all the logistical flows of the city operated by floating vehicles and travelling into space. A dream? Or will this become reality too?

Living your dreams

Dubai had dreams and made them come true. Dutch entrepreneurs have wonderful ideas and dreams. In my line of business, I meet these type of entrepreneurs on daily basis. Living our dreams is what we all should do more of. Life is too short to just float along. Live your entrepreneurial dream! Do you have a plan or a feeling that you wish to make real? Work on it! Set some new personal goals. For example, you wish to make your business grow, either through or without acquisitions, with or without an investment partner. There are so many possibilities. Start a new company. Acquire an existing company. Give that entrepreneurial dream a new kick! Maybe you even want to sell your company completely and make a vastly different dream come true.

Whatever you do as an entrepreneur, live that dream!

– Ferry Nahon