Three Marktlink managers share their stories

Marktlink is growing strongly. This offers its employees many opportunities for self-development. M&A Managers Ralph Meijer, Luc Keltjens and Frank Troost talk about their profession, working at Marktlink and how they combine this with fatherhood.

The three managers, who all have different backgrounds, deliberately chose Marktlink. What they have in common is a passion for entrepreneurship. Luc (35): “Throughout the trajectory of a deal, everything comes together. Entrepreneurship, finance, psychology and commerce.” Ralph (42) adds: “In all these areas, we stand for connection. Both internally as well as with our customers and potential buyers or sellers.” Frank (37) agrees: “Making a deal happen, from A to Z, together with your team gives you energy.”

The tasks of a manager

What should a Marktlink manager be able to do? “A lot,” jokes Ralph. “The job is great, but also extensive. You need certain qualities. You must have commercial and networking skills. Persuasiveness is also important – you must be able to instil confidence in the client that with you, the future of his company is in good hands. You must also be able to generate enthusiasm – a deal must be a celebration for everyone. And it’s your job to keep the team on their toes, to manage expectations, to make agreements and to keep them.”

Tips for future managers

Are you new at Marktlink, or are you considering applying? The three gentlemen share three tips:

  1. A powerful network is valuable, start building one in time.
  2. Do this in a way that you enjoy. Don’t play golf if you think it’s boring.
  3. Invest time on project management. This way you stay in control of your own work and reduce the pressure.

Work-life balance

Ralph: “I have three children, aged eleven, nine and two. It’s an extra ‘job’. That is intensive. The customer is important, but you must also set boundaries for yourself. If you wanted to, you could network all weekend. And sometimes, we do that, but not every weekend… not by a long shot.” Luc tells us that he does not feel any pressure coming from Marktlink. “My girlfriend has her own business, and we have a daughter together who is 18 months old. I feel free to do my job in my own way. Do I want to be with my daughter until ten in the morning? Then that is no problem.” Frank, the father of two young children, joins in. “I feel responsible for my customers and do everything I can to achieve good results. Within that framework, I organise my time the way I see fit. I often pick up my children from the nursery, but also regularly open up my laptop again in the evening. That entrepreneurship and that freedom – and the fact that I really enjoy my work – make it easy to combine work and private life.”

Of course, there are times when the managers must be there for their customers. Frank: “Certain moments in the transaction call for this. For example, when there are also lawyers, consultants and notaries involved. Then my schedule fills up. But that’s also where the excitement and the action is; closing a deal gives you a kick.” Luc: “You do what is right for you as a person and that helps you function better as a professional.”


“Entrepreneurs put their hearts and souls into their businesses,” says Ralph. “It is gratifying to be able to contribute to something as impactful as a merger or acquisition.” Besides that, Frank finds the work extremely dynamic: “One day I am in contract negotiations, and the next I am analysing a company.” Luc especially enjoys being fully responsible for his work. “If you put more time and energy into it, you get a better result. Marktlink takes a pro-active position in the game. We close the best deals – which doesn’t always mean the highest price – and in doing so, we make a real difference to our customers.”

The three gentlemen agree that Marktlink is a fine, enterprising, and energetic club. Luc: “Marktlink is a flat organisation. Managers have the same duties and responsibilities as the Managing Partners. We each have our own portfolio. And new managers are soon thrown in at the deep end. That’s good for your learning curve.” Ralph: “What’s more, there is also a real sense of community. Working and learning together and going all-out!”