Marktlink, the international dealmaker, ranked No. 1 in the Benelux, handles valuation issues every day. To get a quick indication of company value, the Marktlink Multiple has been developed.

Calculate the company’s value with the Marktlink Multiple

Besides using profit and sector to calculate company value, the Marktlink Multiple also takes the number of employees and management participation into consideration. With our years of experience, we believe that this gives a more complete picture of the value of a company.

Every quarter the Marktlink Multiple calculation module is refined based on >250 years of combined in-house deal-making experience, over 1,000 completed transactions and the current state of the M&A market. We provide you with an indicative company value on four variables you provide us with.


Enter the realized EBITDA for the last completed year.


Choose the industry that your company relates with most.


Select the number of FTE working at the organization

Management participation

Indicate if the management team stays on after a possible sale.

Tool based on over
years of dealmaking experience

closed deal

Tool updated every
3 maanden
with the latest data

What is The Marktlink Multiple?

The transfer price paid for companies is in many cases a multiplication of the operating result (EBITDA X factor). Within the M&A sector, this factor is often referred to as the multiple.

With the multiple and the EBITDA, the enterprise value is determined; by deducting the cash and cash equivalents and debts respectively, the purchase price of the company is calculated.