International acquisition

The number of international acquisitions has risen significantly in recent years. We approach foreign parties in at least 70% of transactions that we’re involved in. If you choose to start an international adventure, familiarising yourself with the country in question is important. The advisors at Marktlink have knowledge of local markets and are happy to help you achieve your ambitions.

Selling a company internationally?

Marktlink’s M&A specialists usually draw on our large international network when searching for a suitable buyer for your company. You are the one that makes the choice to actually sell to a foreign party, depending on your personal requirements and situation. Together with you, we map out various options; just like during an acquisition at home. Do you prefer private equity or are you more interested in a strategic buyer, and do you want to a 100% sale of your shares or a sale in phases by means of a pre-exit?

Buying a company internationally?

If you want to achieve international growth by buying a company abroad, then it is needless to say that it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the country in question. Buy-and-build is a popular acquisition strategy. This means it is not necessary to start a company yourself, but you can gain relatively easy access to a new market, including local market knowledge and an existing customer base. The day-to-day business will hardly be delayed and you will profit from the accumulated brand recognition. The acquired company will also profit from the acquisition because, ideally, a new company emerges that is stronger, more versatile and more profitable.

Things to consider in an international business acquisition

When considering an international adventure, possible additional risks can come to mind; like changing political and economic developments or natural phenomena. Of course, we cannot provide certainty, but we know from experience that these risks need not be a reason to not take the step across the border. In our fair and independent risk analysis, we include external factors that may have an impact.

Then there are also a number of things that you as an entrepreneur can take into account and have to map out before starting the actual acquisition process. Of course, our M&A specialists will assist you in this as well. For example, it is essential to know the ins and outs of local legislation and regulations for business acquisitions. A thorough market and competitor analysis are indispensible to find out which geographical area matches your ambitions best. Finally, it is important to be aware of any cultural differences and local etiquette. After all, a good deal usually depends on a personal connection.

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Are you considering a cross-border acquisition?

At Marktlink, you are in the right place to achieve your international ambitions. You can find numerous examples of cross-border deals in our deal stories. Because we spend a lot of time mapping the market and are in regular contact with entrepreneurs at home and abroad, we can guarantee that we can bring you in contact with parties you may not yet have thought of yourself. Moreover, we have access to local networks thanks to our active and prominent role in the Geneva Capital Group.

Our database contains data from over 60,000 active buyers and sellers. Because we have offices in several countries, you always have a deal team that speaks the language, knows the country’s culture and is in contact with different investment parties and tax and legal consultancy firms. Our committed and professional M&A specialists support you throughout the entire process. We will achieve your international growth ambitions together with you.


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