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Business acquisitions in the retail industry

The increase of e-commerce, competition from large players, and the changing behaviour of consumers are just some of the challenges facing entrepreneurs in the retail industry.

Staying relevant and competitive means responding to new developments and increasing market share. A widespread rethinking of portfolios is creating a wave of acquisitions and disposals and planned exits from non-strategic markets.

In this buoyant M&A market the value of deals can be maximised through buy-and-build, and leveraging advantages in technology, market knowledge, and order fulfilment.

Trends and developments in the retail industry

The pandemic was a wake-up call that has inspired restructuring with the aim of improving the resilience of business models. Despite the shift from offline to online some traditional retailers still don’t have an online presence. For many traditional companies, online visibility is now crucial to their survival.

An obvious goal is to strengthen digital channels and engagement, through growth or acquisition. But digital businesses are also looking at integrating bricks-and-mortar assets as part of the new trend for omnichannel marketing. Consumers will often research and buy online, before collecting their purchase from the shop.

As the customer experience grows in importance, so does the need to collect data for an optimised purchasing process.


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A new retail and consumer landscape

As would be expected the grocery, health, and well-being sectors have benefited from people spending more time at home. Spending on DIY and pets has increased, and other key investment targets range from sports goods to furnishings.

With a new focus on sustainability and climate change, some consumer attitudes once associated with premium and niche products are now considered mainstream. Smaller assets that may previously have been overlooked may offer a chance to grow a market share in these areas.

In the UK retail industry, innovation and digital transformation are increasing in response to changing preferences and emerging business models, creating new opportunities for M&A deals.

Buying or selling a company in the retail industry

Traditional retail companies are capital-intensive, with the cost of shop-fitting adding to the burdens of buying and keeping stock. Some corporate buyers came through the pandemic with strengthened balance sheets, and see the acquisition of weaker businesses as a chance to expand their portfolio and build on their competitive advantage.

M&A activity is likely to remain strong as companies respond to changing consumer preferences.

Marktlink: your specialist in acquisitions in the retail industry

Each year, more than a thousand entrepreneurs in this sector use the Marktlink Multiple to calculate their business value. We regularly guide the transaction process for retail companies and have unrivalled market knowledge and a substantial portfolio of potential buyers and sellers.

We have a great deal of experience with retail companies, including online businesses, and would be pleased to look into your specific requirements.

Are you considering an acquisition in the retail industry?

Marktlink can help you realise your ambitions. Always committed, independent and professional, we have a large national and international network, and detailed knowledge of local and global markets. Our specialists will use their knowledge and experience proactively to help you find the right successor or implement your growth strategy in this dynamic industry.

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