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Acquisitions in the automotive industry

For the owners of car dealerships and suppliers, the growing demand for electric cars brings changes with it. This also influences business acquisitions in the automotive industry. Nonetheless, the share of electric cars in the Netherlands is still very limited; conventional cars will continue to dominate our streets for decades to come. Because the production of conventional cars is decreasing, the aftermarket (car parts) will become increasingly important in prolonging the lifespan of cars.

Construction of the automotive industry

The automotive industry consists of a primary (OEM) and secondary market (aftermarket). The primary market is focused on the design, development, production, marketing and sales of motorised vehicles. The aftermarket concerns itself with production, remanufacturing, distribution, repair, retail and the instalment of car parts, equipment and accessories. If we look at the revenue figures, the automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the Netherlands.


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Trends and developments in the automotive industry

Supply and demand in the automotive industry are subject to the economic climate, fluctuating fuel prices and governmental regulations concerning fiscal (electric) cars. The global market has become more connected and transparent, due to globalisation and increasing fuel prices.

Thanks to this increase in competition, we see consolidation both in car dealerships and with suppliers. This consolidation is being strengthened by different parties within the market looking to scale up in order to achieve high quantity discounts and to use resources more efficiently. We see a transformation in the field of electrification, increasing connectivity (digitisation) and new mobility solutions.

Innovation and maintenance

Because of these developments in the automotive industry, there are plenty of opportunities for you as an entrepreneur to tap into new markets. Take for example innovation and the maintenance of electric cars, or market expansion by looking into opportunities for bicycles. The changes in mobility behaviour also provide room for innovation; like the steep increase in electric distribution cars for delivery services. Future trends are, amongst others, a shared vehicle fleet and the integration of hardware and software in vehicles. These developments provide plenty of opportunities for the buying or selling of car dealerships and suppliers.

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Marktlink: your specialist in acquisitions in the automotive industry

All the dynamics in the automotive industry and the inevitable innovations that you have to deal with as an entrepreneur, play an important role when you are considering buying or selling a car dealership. Each year, more than a thousand entrepreneurs in your sector calculate their enterprise value, using the Marktlink Multiple. As a result, we have up-to-date market knowledge and business values at our disposal, and we have a substantial portfolio of potential buyers and sellers in the automotive industry. You can be sure of optimal support when looking for the right match, suiting your wishes.

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