Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)
What kind of companies does Marktlink advise during transactions?

We don’t advise companies, but entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurial people) during transactions. That is a significant difference between us and other M&A consultants. We aim at you, the entrepreneur and together we work to turn your acquisition into a success story.

How many transactions are you involved in on a yearly basis?

Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions advises on 50 to 70 transactions on a yearly basis. According to Thomson Reuters and the M&A Community league tables, we close the most deals in the Netherlands yearly. Some of these deals can be seen in our list of references or on the case studies page, some of the deals are under non-disclosure and cannot be published.

You claim a 95% success chance. What succeeds?

95% of the projects we start with our clients are concluded successfully. This does not necessarily have to be an acquisition transaction. We say this percentage is this high because we work with an active and passive selection.

An active selection means we select our clients at the gate. Before we take on a project we discuss the feasibility and the success chance of the project. If the clients’ expectations are not realistic we will not take on the assignment.

The passive selection is encrypted in our revenue model. We determine our fate and revenue based on the turnout of the final result. However, we do ask our clients for a financial commitment to make the investment in the final result a mutual effort.

What valuation method do you use?

The choice which valuation method you use is actually not that relevant when determining the value of a company. The company, the entrepreneur and mostly the buyer determine the value. Only when the buyer thinks the company is worth more than the seller a transaction will take place. When we draft a valuation report we usually apply several valuation methods based on economic values (future)  rather than accounting values (past). A buyer buys the future of the company and not its past, after all.

What do the services of Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions cost?

We worked based on a fixed rate plus a success fee. The bulk of the fee won’t be invoiced until the transaction between a buyer and seller is completed. In the preliminary phase of the transaction, we will be a risk-sharing partner. Marktlink does not work on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

I want to sell my company in 5 years. Can Marktlink mean something for me now?

Absolutely. First of all, we would love to meet informally to see what we can mean in the future. You and your company’s profile will be added to our extensive database. If the perfect potential buyer that matches your profile pops up in the meantime, we will anonymously (!) inform you about this.

Besides entering you in our database, we could also perform a QuickScan to estimate the value of your company and based on that we, often in consultation with your accountant, make certain recommendations to prepare your company for a potential sale.

Does Marktlink advise both the buyer and the seller?

Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions exclusively works for one party during a transaction. This can be either the buyer or the seller. If both parties are Marktlink clients, we will put one of the assignments on hold.

Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions is independent; who owns the company?

Marktlink is not affiliated with or owned by, any other company. Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions is the property of several partners who spend most of their time advising their customers during acquisition transactions. Take a look at our team page to put a face to the owners of Marktlink.

Would it be possible to schedule an informal meeting?

We realise that deciding to buy or sell a company is a major step. The same applies to choosing the advisor that will guide you during the transaction process. We are open to meeting you once, or even several times, in an informal manner to acquaint ourselves with each other before making a formal offer.

What is the size of Marktlink’s transactions?

We advise on transactions between € 1.000.000,- en € 250.000.000,-. Most of the transactions are in the € 1.500.000,- en € 50.000.000,- range. The size of the transaction is not the most important to us. Every time a transaction gets closed and the entrepreneur’s wish is fulfilled, Marktlink is satisfied.


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