The client and the deal

Since 2009 Solvari has been matching consumers/clients with specialists for the (re)construction of their dream homes. By requesting quotes for over 50 different kind of jobs, the clients can use the Solvari-platform.

During this specific acquisition process, multiple meeting took place with interested parties from the Netherlands and other countries. The owners, have found their ideal partner in Vortex Capital Partners. Vortex understands their business model and can prepare the company for its next growth phase.

What makes this deal special?

Solvari was founded in 2009 by college friends Dennis van den Bos and Nick de Korte. They managed to grow the company to a succesful B2C online marketing agency and lead generator focused on the construction and remodeling of both house and yard. In 2010 Harry Sistermans joined the company to assist the young entrepreneurs on a strategic level.

After contributing to the current success of Solvari for a number of years, Nick de Korte en Harry Sistermans have the wish to focus on new opportunities and decided to leave the company. Dennis van den Bos sees a lot of potential in Solvari, however, and decided to attract a new buyer. Allthough the three shareholders all had different interests, through the collaboration with Marktlink and its specialists, a deal was closed that satisfies all of the involved parties.

The wish and the result

Nick de Korte and Harry Sistermans had the wish to sell their shares and through that leave the company. Dennis van den Bos wanted to attract a new buyer and with that buyer, bring Solvari to the next level. Vortex ended up being the ideal partner, because their network and knowledge are extensive will be able to assist Solvari with the intended growth for the next few years.

The closed transaction takes the different interests of the shareholders into consideration. Vortex now holds a majority stake in Solvari, making it the ideal partner for the future.

The client’s own words

“Our ambition is to become the definite market leader in the Benelux in the next five years. To achieve this we have developed a new strategy. This strategy is aimed at further refinement of matching the clients’ requests with the offers from our network of joined professionals. These professionals have a specialised approach to each area of business. This renewed model will allow us to service our clients even better. From the first contact to the end result,” says Dennis van den Bos.