Think2Act and management obtain stake in Stieva Metaal Groep, a full-service metalworking specialist

Succession and strong financial partner
In order to safeguard Stieva’s future, the (former) shareholders jointly decided to search for a strong (financial) partner who could (help) make it possible for the (future) management to participate, coach, and allow two of the four shareholders to leave the company as a natural conclusion. With this in mind, the search was on for a partner that offered added value related to coaching, succession issues, commerce, a relevant network, and access to new markets.

Marktlink’s role
Marktlink Fusies & Overnames B.V. supported Stieva Metaal throughout the sales process: strategy planning with the MBO team and the shareholders, preparing the information memorandum, the valuation, identifying and approaching suitable buyers, negotiating with interested parties, guiding the due diligence process, negotiating the sales contracts, and assisting with the notarial completion.

Think2Act and the management have jointly obtained a stake. In addition, two of the four shareholders have stepped down and the new partners are full of plans for further growth and expansion of the activities.

“The Stieva Metaal Groep was looking for an effective way to ready the company for the future. After attempting to do this ourselves initially, with a young future management team, we realised that transferring a company of this size is not easy. The relationship we have with Remon Lustenhouwer, based on Remon’s past work at Stieva, led us to Marktlink. They (Remon, Tobie and Tim) informed and guided us well, and set up the acquisition process and brought it to a positive end,” says Arjo Oudshoorn, Stieva.

‘It is a dream come true. A wonderful end to 17 years of camaraderie and also the start of a great future full of opportunities for the new management. Marktlink helped us to make this possible, and we are very grateful for it”, says Tom van Yperen, Stieva Metaal Groep general director.