Acato B.V. is a full-service internet agency focused on inventing and executing online experiences. Acato’s 25 employees create online solutions that are effective and fun to use. Clients of Acato are both SMEs and multinationals.


After 15 years of steady growth, a new ambition emerged for internet agency Acato, a large step in a new direction. Reason for founders Gijs van den Boom and Lodewijk van der Meer to start looking for reinforcement of both management and shareholders. Continuity and a good company culture match were the main priorities in the search.

Marktlink’s role

On behalf of Gijs and Lodewijk Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions supported the entire process, from orientation, introduction and negotiation to legal support and transfer of the notarial deed.


In the new situation, Valentijn is majority shareholder and operational manager. Gijs and Lodewijk focus on development and new business models. It is their ambition to grow autonomously and quickly expand to 40 to 50 employees, most of them in the second location in Utrecht. Moreover, Acato will continue to be an online partner of its clients and pursue long term partnerships.


“Marktlink helped us well, they were alert during the entire process, even during the unavoidable, tough phases. In addition to finding the right match, they were able to assume a mediatory role, avoiding damage during negotiations. Marktlink has an original and sharp understanding of mergers and the market in general, in any event, a good idea to go and talk to them.”