Investment company Het Participatie Huis acquired a minority share in technical wholesaler Magistor in Rijssen. Magistor’s shareholders were looking for an experienced investor to contribute to shaping the next growth phase and continued professionalisation of the company. In parallel to the transaction, experienced manager Frederik Tattersall was hired, to take on the day-to-day management of the business. Magistor’s three shareholders, who were supported by Marktlink Fusies & Overnames during the transaction, remain involved with the company.

Magistor is a fast growing technical wholesaler, fully specialising in selling blasting media and equipment for metal working and metal processing industries since its inception in 2003. Magistor’s customers range from steel construction companies, construction companies and manufacturers of car parts to businesses in aviation and the medical industry. Thanks to years of experience, technical knowhow to advise customers optimally and its broad and high-quality product range, Magistor has become a leading player in the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Magistor’s shareholders have built the company into a strong and dynamic business with around 15 employees. Thanks to its broad and deep professional expertise, the company is a fully qualified discussion partner for its customers. Fredrik Jonker of Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions: “Magistor’s shareholders wanted to get a financially strong and experienced partner on board, by means of a so-called ‘pre-exit’. After meetings with several interested parties, the ideal partner was found in Het Participatie Huis, together with Frederik Tattersall.” Het Participatie Huis invests in companies with a proven track record to engage in a joint growth process.

Wim Hendriks, one of the founders and shareholders of Magistor: “We started Magistor with a small group of people with a joint history at a previous employer, it was never our intention to expand into an enterprise of this size. Thanks to our committed crew and a formula that was received well in the market, we finally reached the milestone of 10 million euro in revenue in 2018, after growing year on year. But along with revenue, the organisation grew considerably as well, which means that your range of duties as an entrepreneur changes as well. We’re by no means tired of entrepreneurship, but, looking at the future, we don’t consider ourselves the right people to manage the organisation as it currently is. That was our reason to engage Marktlink, to look for this experience and capacity elsewhere.”

In Frederik Tattersall, Magistor has taken someone on board with a great deal of experience in operational management and structuring. His arrival allows Magistor’s shareholders to redirect their focus to what they are good at: entrepreneurship. “We no longer wanted take the company in tow by ourselves, but we do want to help push the business forward. We see lots of opportunities for Magistor; in the coming years we will work towards defining a new North Star and prepare the organisation for the future,” Hendriks adds.