Velp, 5 januari 2018 –Emergency lighting specialist Famostar Emergency Lighting BV (Famostar)  in Velp has been acquired by F W Thorpe Plc (Thorpe), manufacturer of lighting for the professional market, late last month. Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions guided the sell-side of the acquisition process.

Famostar has been a household name in the field of emergency lighting in the Netherlands since 1956. The company has several innovations to its name and seeks to connect with Thorpe to profit from its strong reputation when it comes to product development. The company in Velp (Gelderland) employs 31 people.

Harold Boertjens, the selling owner and manager of Famostar says: “Famostar is a healthy and innovative company with a great deal of potential and ambition. We went looking for a strong partner to secure the continuity of the company and give it an additional boost, allowing us to retain our own identity. We found that partner in Thorpe.”

Lighting through synergy
Thorpe focuses on long-term growth and stability, with innovative and unique products, supported by experienced customer service. Lighting company Lightronics from Waalwijk joined the Thorpe group, back in 2015. Thorpe’s CEO, Mike Allcock: “All companies within our group are strong and independent, with a distinctive market proposition. The power of the collective lies in synergy benefits, which are created by sharing the group’s strong technological platform. Famostar fits in seamlessly with the group.”

Thorpe specialises in developing and manufacturing professional lighting. The company was established in 1936 by the Thorpe family, which still actively takes part in the business and is an important shareholder. Thorpe has a €120 million revenue and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The lighting specialist has over 700 employees and consists of seven independent companies; each focusing on a specific market segment.

Famostar’s current management will stay on and will work closely together with sister company Lightronics. Both companies operate independently within the Thorpe group. Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions’ Fredrik Jonker: “Acquiring Famostar offers Thorpe a stronger foothold in Europe, thus expanding its product portfolio. During the acquisition process we, together with management, spoke to multiple parties and ultimately Thorpe proved to be the best fit. Both Thorpe and Famostar are multigenerational family businesses. Thorpe understood the importance of continuing Famostar’s legacy while retaining its own identity.”