ExtraPower strengthens its market power through a collaboration with EFO

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ExtraPower strengthens its market power through a collaboration with EFO

Energy specialist ExtraPower entered into a partnership with Essers Family Office in late 2022. In this new partnership, the transportation company will support the rapidly growing ExtraPower, resulting in increasing impact. The Marktlink team made the right introductions and supported the entrepreneurs in the entire process.

ExtraPower, based in Beernem, is one of the market leaders in renewable energy. The company designs, constructs and maintains solar farms with a focus on B2B end customers and third-party investors. ExtraPower was founded in 2014 and has offices in Belgium, Spain and Romania. Because of the booming energy sector and the accompanying technological evolutions, the Beernem-based company wanted to maintain momentum and continue its development. Together with a strong equal partner, the company can fully continue its growth and remain at the top during the global energy transition. A buy-and-build turned out to be the ideal path to take.

Marktlink as the ideal matchmaker

Because searching for a suitable partner is a labour-intensive process, ExtraPower went looking for an advisor. “We screened possible service providers ourselves and from the first meeting, we thought the Marktlink team was professional, but also gave us a feeling of familiarity”, says Tineke Serru, one of the entrepreneurs of ExtraPower.

The Marktlink team took care of the rest. The team researched the market and introduced ExtraPower to potential partner companies through multiple introductory coffee meetings. During one of these meetings, the company really clicked well with the people from Essers Family Office (EFO): a strong international player with a large network and a keen interest in renewable energy.

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“The Marktlink team researches each sector thoroughly. They saw everything in the right context while keeping our market position in mind.”

– Tineke Serru, one of the entrepreneurs of ExtraPower

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Marktlink’s added value

“We had the luxury that the energy sector is in a state of flux. There were a lot of companies with great potential, but this can also result in missing out on an ideal partner. Marktlink’s added value was very clear: the team immersed itself completely in the energy sector and made sure they could join in any conversation”, Tineke says.

“They saw everything in the right context, linked to our market position, and Essers Family Office’s as well. And, even better: always with a smile and exceedingly professional. We really felt like they completely took everything off our hands with their practical approach!” according to Jannes Soetaer, CEO at ExtraPower.

A view of the future

“With EFO at our side, we are now stronger than ever”, Tineke continues. “They have considerable experience in the energy sector. Besides, with EFO we have an extensive European network we can use. This collaboration ensures a strong foundation to expand and grow more structurally, this includes growing towards highly qualified personnel. It will also give us the opportunity to develop foreign offices into independent companies. The timing is perfect because we want to further expand through a branch in Germany in late 2023. And finally, with EFO, we are also well-equipped for all future technological developments: this allows us to expand our product range even further.”

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