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Digital agency Stimmt finds partner in Loyals

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Digital agency Stimmt finds ambitious growth partner in Loyals Group

Digital agency Stimmt, with offices in Enschede (head office) and Amsterdam, has found a new growth partner in full-service digital agency Loyals in Mijdrecht. It was very important to Stimmt to retain its own DNA, culture and core values, and this has been achieved.

Marktlink’s Petra Borkent, Demi van Helden and legal counsel Christine Huisman assisted Stimmt in finding the right partner. “From the start, shareholders Nick Velten and Danny de Wit were very clear in their conditions regarding DNA, culture and core values. We are pleased that together we managed to stick to those criteria during the transaction with Loyals,” says Petra Borkent. Marktlink had become acquainted with both parties in previous, separate processes.

Growth in turnover and profit
The agreement will enable Stimmt to realise its growth plans in the coming years and to set up a group of agencies together with Loyals. Stimmt is an expert in creating digital solutions such as websites, webshops and web applications. Based on well thought-out strategy, design and technology, the company creates impactful digital experiences. Nick Velten founded the company in 2010, business partner Danny de Wit joined in 2018. Today, Stimmt has 20 employees and does business with for example Nedap, Top1Toys and Qredits. Because of the company’s strong growth in both turnover and profit, the entrepreneurs were looking for a partner to continue its growth in the coming years.

Loyals in Mijdrecht has 50 employees and, since its establishment 20 years ago, has grown into a full-service agency for brand building and digital transformation. The experienced entrepreneurs behind Loyals have built the organisation into a leading company focused on Dutch SMEs and governmental and semi-governmental institutions. The company has a technical foundation, complemented by a strong marketing team. It focuses on strategy, design, creation of brand identity and brand experience, marketing, development and hybrid events.

“With Loyals, we form a group of agencies that will conquer the market together. Through this cooperation we can create more strength and synergy.”

– Shareholder Nick Velten

Greater power and synergy
Nick Velten is confident about the future. “With Loyals, we form a group of agencies that will conquer the market together. The biggest challenge is finding new talent, because the demand for specialists is very high. Through this cooperation we can create more strength and synergy. In the short term, other fabulous agencies will join us.” Stimmt is the first agency to join Loyals Group, which is carrying out a buy-and-build strategy together with investor Sofindev. The company aims for a turnover of €50 million by 2024.

Marktlink’s female deal team, as well as the shareholders of Stimmt and Loyals, look back on a pleasant journey. “Thanks to the many transactions and our extensive experience in this sector, we were able to make this match between Stimmt and Loyals,” recalls Demi van Helden. “A huge consolidation trend is going on in this sector. The strategy and vision of both parties are in line and entrepreneurship is a key factor. In this constellation, entrepreneurs truly remain entrepreneurs. That was the desired starting point for both sides.

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