Continuity Tenergy and ECS guaranteed after acquisition by Unica

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Continuity Tenergy and ECS guaranteed after acquisition by Unica

Huge growth opportunities present themselves to Tenergy and its sister company Engine Competences Services, now that it’s increasingly interesting for companies to take control of their energy costs. In Unica, Willem Bijlsma, founder and owner of both companies, found the ideal partner to take his companies to a higher level.

Tenergy develops software for grid balancing by operating assets with a flexible capacity for up-regulation or down-regulation, specifically for horticulture entrepreneurs. With sister company Engine Competences Services (ECS), the company meets the demand for the overhaul and maintenance of combined heat and power (CHP) units, which are often operated by Tenergy’s software. Willem Bijlsma saw joining a larger party as the perfect solution to guarantee the continuity of both companies, which is why he came to our office in Drachten for help.

Putting two successful companies on the map

Koen Rutten and Teije Hiltermann guided the sale process. “With his strategic and commercial skills, Willem put two successful companies on the map. Because of the companies’ growth, the operational aspect of entrepreneurship became increasingly important. Willem wanted to find a partner that could help him professionalise the company,” Teije says, looking back on the first meeting with the entrepreneur from Friesland.

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“The Marktlink deal team has helped me to find potential partners that match our company on a strategic level.”

– Willem Bijlsma, Tenergy & ECS

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Taking control of energy costs

The range of activities of both companies is quite broad and in-depth. “A brief summary would be that the increase in solar and wind energy creates more grid imbalance, which gives companies with a flexible capacity for up-regulation or down-regulation the chance to participate in the energy market,” Koen Rutten explains. “Tenergy takes care of its customers’ every need with its fully automatic operating platform, which gives entrepreneurs control of their energy costs.” “Besides the software platform, Willem Bijlsma eventually founded a company for the overhaul and maintenance of CHPs,” says Teije Hiltermann. “More and more customers asked the company if, besides operating CHPs, it could also take care of the overhaul and maintenance of these engines.”

Tangible future prospects

Both companies have grown substantially in the past few years, causing Willem Bijlstra (57) to think about the future of both his companies and himself. “It soon became clear that he preferred the potential buyer to acquire both entities. When Unica came into the picture, it turned out that its plan matched the preferred scenario perfectly,” Teije Hiltermann says. “These people understand the business cases, which made for depth and tangible future prospects. Both parties complete each other’s knowledge and experience perfectly.”

Tapping into new industries

One of the company’s growth ambitions is to roll out Tenergy’s software in other industries, Koen Rutten says. “It just so happens that Unica and its subsidiary Hellemans Consultancy have been toying with the idea to tap into new industries with software development concerning energy management for quite a while. This proposition is the perfect opportunity for them to take that step.”

After the full acquisition of Tenergy and ECS, Willem Bijlsma achieved what he wanted: the continuity of his companies.  He himself will remain active in his current role for the years to come. “Looking back, I am satisfied with the process. The Marktlink deal team has helped me to find potential partners that match our company on a strategic level. I was also happy that they helped deal with all the paperwork that was involved.”

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