North Sea Fishers Bertus Dekker Seafood has been acquired by Cornelis Vrolijk B.V. in 2018. Arie and Rick Ouwehand will remain as the management of the company. Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions advised the brothers Ouwehand during the entire transaction process.

Wholesaler and seafood processor Bertus Dekker specialises in North Sea fish, especially flatfish like sole and plaice. Around forty people are employed by the company. Bertus Dekker was established in 1948 by founder and namesake, Bertus Dekker. In 1964 the company was acquired by Ouwehand’s fish processing and shipping company in Katwijk. In 1995 Bertus Dekker detached itself from the Ouwehand Group and was continued independently by  Arie and Rick’s father. These two men joined the company in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

The buyer, Cornelis Vrolijk, is an internationally operating family business with the fifth generation at its helm. Worldwide over 2000 people are employed by Cornelis Vrolijk. The company is active in catching, breeding, processing and trading of fish and shrimps. It always tries to achieve the highest and most sustainable quality product for human consumption. As a family business, it practices fishery with future generations in mind: maintaining healthy fish populations, minimising the effect on the environment and with dedicated and proud craftsmen. Many products from Cornelis Vrolijk bear the MSC and ASC stamps.

Marktlink’s role in the transaction

Marktlink Mergers & Acquisitions has advised the brothers during the entire transaction process, from drafting the information memorandum to the signing of the purchasing agreements. Tom Beltman, Maarten Herreveld and lawyer Paul Schoenmakers were part of the deal team for this transaction.


The management of Bertus Dekker, consisting of the two brothers, is excited about the acquisition. “We are a family company and highly value craftsmanship and quality. Cornelis Vrolijk shares our values. We see many opportunities in strengthening the intertwined interests of both companies.” After the transaction, the two brothers will remain as Bertus Dekker’s daily management.

Cornelis Vrolijk’s director, Annerieke Vrolijk is overjoyed by the acquisition. “With Bertus Dekker’s strong position in the field of processing and selling demersal fish species like sole, plaice, gurnard, mullet and squid, we are taking the next step towards full chain integration. We have a ship-to-shelf approach, and we are widening our range of products with flatfish. We provide the consumer with a high-quality product of transparent origin, caught with sustainability in mind.”