Antea Participations VIII has acquired a minority stake in Fundustry, a national player in the field of (adventurous) company trips/events, friend gatherings, children’s parties and special family days. The activities that Fundustry offers are among others: paintball, quad riding, drifting, escape rooms and city games.

Fundustry was founded in 2009 by friends Harry van den Berg and Martijn van den Bout, both thirty years old. They founded it from their college dorm room and built it into what it is today, a nation-wide company with 8 locations. The activities of the company are wide and diverse.

The company operates in a growth market, in which many entrepreneurs exploit just one location. This is where Fundustry makes a difference. They are one of the few parties of substantial size. Growth possibilities are among others: opening more branches, acquiring competitors or other locations, broadening the services that they offer or and optimizing the occupancy rate of the existing locations. With these possibilities in mind, Marktlink helped Fundustry look for a partner that could help expedite this growth.

Marktlink’s Role

Marktlink Mergers and Acquisitions advised Fundustry during the entire transaction process. From strategy planning, drafting the information memorandum, valuation, identifying and approaching prospective and suitable buyers, identifying and determining future targets, negotiating with interested parties, supervising the due diligence, negotiating the purchasing agreements and the legal transfer.

Results and Fundustry’s future

A minority stake (48.8%) has been sold to Antea Participations VIII, which is a hands-on type of investment firm with plenty of experience in the professionalizing and expanding of companies. Martijn and Harry will continue to act as the management of Fundustry and hold a 51.2% stake in the company (25.6% respectively). Along with Antea and a yet to be installed supervisory board they will develop Fundustry in the coming years.

Fundustry’s thoughts on Marktlink

“Marktlink has advised us exceptionally well during our search for a party that fits us and our company’s culture. Remon Lustenhouwer was our ‘dealmaker’ and he was with us in a pleasant and thorough manner. This enabled us to be able to run the day to day business while being involved in an acquisition process.  We have experienced the entire process as enjoyable.”