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ALC warehousing has a bright future with investor Globitas

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ALC warehousing has a bright future with investor Globitas

On paper, Arthur and Simone van de Kamp had owned ALC warehousing and the business premises since 2008. In practice, managing director Peter van Noordennen was at the helm. Investor Globitas acquired the siblings’ shares and will build a bright future for the logistic full-service provider, together with Peter van Noordennen.

This acquisition process featured a number of unusual aspects. “We were not just dealing with a company, but with real estate as well, and it is not every day we handle such a deal at Marktlink,” recounts manager Michiel Knubben, who formed the deal team together with Lars van Marrewijk. “Arthur’s and Simone’s hearts were in the people rather than in the bricks and so they came to Marktlink and not – as they could have done – to a real estate agent. In the end, Globitas had the best eye for both the property and ALC warehousing’s growth potential.” Arthur looks back on the process with satisfaction. “The deal team has helped us splendidly. It was a complex proposition but they put it in the market well and found the right candidate.”

“Globitas had the best eye for both the property and ALC warehousing’s growth potential”

– Michiel Knubben, manager Marktlink

Complex tax and legal aspects

Tax and legal aspects added to the complexity for the deal team. “From the start, we have been honest about the fact that this was not going to be an easy job. The shareholders both live abroad and the foreign shares had to be sold. And therefore, we had to check what would be the best deal for our clients from a legal and tax perspective. Naturally, we discussed this with specialists. It was enjoyable and interesting to find our way through such an unusual process and to achieve the best result for the client and the company.”

Confidence in the future

So, nothing but happy faces during the signing of the deal. Peter van Noordennen stays on as CEO and looks to the future under new shareholder Globitas with confidence. “We will be able to achieve our growth ambitions even faster, thanks to the extra knowledge, expertise and hands-on mentality that Globitas brings. In the coming years, we will continue to build ALC warehousing into a premium partner for our customers, both at home and abroad.”

Gijs van Dam, partner at Globitas, is also happy with the successful closing and proud of the confidence of management and sellers. “In the past years, Peter and his team have built ALC into a vital logistic full-service provider with the best safety certificates. The future looks promising. By expanding the service range and setting up new earning models, we can add even more value to customers.”

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